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Frequently Asked Questions
Given the revolutionary nature of Lattice Nested Hydreno Model and its theoretical background, there are bound to be lots of questions.  Here we will be posting a growing list of answers to some fundamental and critical aspects of the subject matter. 

What is Zero-Point Energy?

Zero-Point energy is generally regarded as the high end of the EM spectrum beyond hard gamma and cosmic rays at frequencies above 1022 Hz, possibly extending to 1044 Hz. This primordial energy of the vacuum is all pervasive and is thought by some advanced theorists to underpin every aspect of the material Universe. The ZPE field is not detectable using conventional instruments due to the fact the electrons do not respond to frequencies above 1022 Hz. Its existence has however been verified by various coherence and interference phenomena including the CASIMIR Effect.

What is the Casimir Effect?

The Casimir Effect is a mysterious attractive or more correctly impelling force that develops between closely spaced metallic or dielectric plates in the "empty" vacuum of space. The initial onset occurs at about 1 micron but rapidly escalates in accordance with the inverse of the forth power of the spacing between them. For instance the force increases by a factor 10,000 times when the plate spacing is reduced from 1 to 0.1 micron and so on.

The net impelling radiation pressure that drives them together is due to ZPE frequencies being shielded out because the longer wavelengths of the ZPE field cannot exist between the plates which constitute a microscopic faraday cage. The Casimir Effect was first theorized by H. Casimir in 1948 and has been accurately verified on several occasions to be within 1% of Casimir's equation. The Casimir effect also manifests itself in many other situations involving microscopic cavities in metals and dielectrics. The Casimir force is a central feature of the new LNH Atomic Model.

What do you mean by ZPE Coherence?

What is meant by coherence, is that the otherwise random Zero-point energy of the quantum vacuum is persuaded by clever means to become organized in a defined region of space so as to produce net effects that can be used to power a load, or provide field effect propulsion without a material reaction medium. New Energy sources, Control of Gravity and Inertial forces are consequently possible. There are in fact many existing devices which produce such effects although very few, so far that have managed to make it to the point of commercialization. Coherence is, however, generally challenging to produce because of the transient, non-equilibrium, non-linear conditions that must be set up between the material system and the energetic vacuum flux.

How come I haven't heard of this atomic theory before?

Despite its ten year development history, the Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic model is very new to the scene of publicly promoted ideas.  Some of the nomenclature is so unique that it will only turn up a few pages of information on internet searches.  At last count the definitive term Hydreno only yielded a half dozen hits, almost unheard of, given the billions of webpages now in existence.  The use of such unique terminology will however make acquisition of relevant information much easier. This is bound to change rapidly in the near term as these revolutionary concepts approach a critical mass of public awareness and we begin to appreciate the astounding potential of this quantum leap in fundamental understanding. 

The Wright brothers are ready for takeoff so to speak.  It is no stretch to speculate that the LNH atomic model could very well turn out to be one of the biggest discoveries in the history of science; analogous in some ways to the Rosetta Stone of ancient archeology, which suddenly permitted the interpretation of many ancient mysteries.

This all seems too incredible to believe.  How come this is not in the news?  

There is actually a lot of background information available on this new atomic model if you know what to look for and where.  Topics dealing with ZPE and Vacuum fluctuations can be found in the peer reviewed literature but are largely ignored by the vast majority of scientists still entrenched in the "empty" space concept made popular by Einstein's Special Relativity, even though Einstein backpedaled in his General theory, ascribing physical properties to space.

The biggest problem is censorship of the popular media, which historically resists publicizing revolutionary ideas.  The AP and UPI news agencies actually have an official standing policy, dating back to the mid 20th century, to refrain from publishing anything outside the confines of mainstream peer reviewed scientific journals.  Peer review certainly has its place, but it also effectively prevents publication of revolutionary concepts that might pose a threat to the established dogmas and "old boy" networks of the "science industry". 

Big business and government are also involved in this conspiracy of suppression through corrupt regulatory practices and other means.  The prospect of major changes including the demise of tax revenues from the fossil fuelled economy is not in their selfish interest, even though such issues are quite easily rectified and the upside benefits outweigh the negatives. Governments and big Biz are basically lazy and prefer "steady state" conditions.  The advent of the information age has certainly improved things a lot, but even the internet is now experiencing a degree of censorship as some search engines choose not to list certain websites including this one for obvious reasons.

Stay Tuned as we add more answers to your questions.....

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