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Mark Porringa's penchant for geometric doodling can also be seen in the eclectic geometry of this unique spiral staircase that is a central feature of the solar home that he designed and built for his wife and six children.

Argon Atom aluminum nucleus
Aluminum Nucleus
B2 Cuboctacore

Neon Atom -  End View
Showing K & L Orbitals
   Balloon Model of Argon Atom
Showing K, L & M Electron Orbitals
  Extrapolated From the Nucleus
Cadmiun nuclear geometry magnesium nucleus
6 facets - hexagonal close packed
Cadmium 116   B4-2AT  Rhombacore
tin nucleus
Aluminum 116    B6   -  4CT*  Tetracore
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Neon Hydreno Atom Spiral Staircase Organic Carbon hydrenos neutron hexacores rhodium nuclear geometry Octahedral Neutron cores Cuboctahedral neutron core Boron Atom hydrenos Neutron core geometry Rhombic Neutron Cores Germanium nucleus Icosahedral Nuclear core Spiral staircase 2
arsenic nucleus
Neutron Octacores
Neutron Decacores
Neutron Rhombacores
Neutron Icosacores
Neutron Cubocatcores
Neutron Tetracores
Neutron Hexacores
Sulfur 33 nucleus

   Carbon as Diamond
Showing K & L Orbitals
Boron Atom End View
Showing K & L Orbitals
Proton lattice structure Proton Crystal structure
               Proton Stucture
        1/8 Section - Inside View
showing negatron/positron lattice
   Proton Stucture
  1/8 Section - Outside View
6 mixed facets & 1 positron star facet
Germanium 76         B4-4CT  Octaacore
  12 facets -  cubic close packed
Rhodium  103             B4 Cuboctacore
14 facets   -   cubic close packed
  Magnesium 24   B3-2AT  Hexacore
  6 facets - hexagonal close packed
4 facets - valence 4,  tetragonal crystal
Cuboctahedral Neutron Core geometry Neutron Geometry

Nucleon structure positron - negatron lattice
                   Proton Stucture
             Inside & Outside View
    Positron star facet at top of picture
K orbital >
L orbital >
M orbital >
K orbital >
Sulfur 33       B3-5CT-2AT  Decacore
Arensic nucleus    B3-20CT Icosacore
Neutron Recoctacores
Neutron Cuboidoctacores