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Licensing Opportunities
Based on the e-book detailing the foundational aspects of the Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model, and the extremely unique nature of the subject matter described, a vast array of new products are envisioned ranging from fundamental scientific and engineering applications, to books, software and general merchandizing of branded consumer items.

The vast majority of these will be pursued under license agreements with independent businesses wishing to capitalize on this revolutionary atomic model and its vast applications to science, engineering and general commerce.  Industry standard royalties will apply for the use of various Trademarks and Copyrighted material.

A few of the applications presently envisioned include:

·  Hand Books and Reference materials on specific subjects such as a revised periodic table of Elements, Isotopes and Allotropes.
·   Texts on Hydreno based chemistry, nuclear physics and other related topics. 
·   Software for producing and analyzing nuclear and atomic models and teaching aids.
·   Scientific and Engineering Laboratory equipment and apparatus.
·   Materials science, industrial processes, metal refining and the like.
·   Environmental protection and rejuvenation.
·   Home décor items such as Christmas ornaments.
·   Branded apparel, sports equipment and so on.
·   Video games, board games, puzzles etc.
·   Other miscellaneous applications.

Copyrighted © material includes any original portions of the Lattice Nested Atomic model described in the electronic and printed versions of the book entitled,  “The Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model Based in Ultra-Close Range Casimir Effects” and portions thereof published elsewhere including all content posted on and affiliated sites.

TM  may include, but are not limited to the following unique terms:

and related facsimiles.

All potential Licensees are required to purchase a copy of the above mentioned ebook.  Purchase  includes a personal use license including the option to officially participate in the refinement, and embellishment of the LNH Atomic model, including the time consuming task of creating models for all of the elements, including their isotopes and allotropes (>1000 models depending on scope).  For further information and to avoid duplication of effort, please consult our webage on LNH modeling and applicable sections of the book.. 

All other applications for Licensing should be directed to our Licensing office in the form of detailed proposal.  Exclusive territorial rights may be available in some circumstances depending on the product or service, demonstrated capabilities of the Licensee and existing market penetration for similar products.

A minimum of 33.3 percent of net royalties from licensing will be earmarked for humanitarian agencies, dealing with poverty, disease and disaster relief with primary focus in the third world and other acute crisis situations.                 

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All commercial rights to the  industrial, scientific and technical  applications of the Nuclear Geometry of Uranium according to the Hydreno Atomic Model.
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