The Lattice Nested Hydreno (LNH) Atomic Model
The Rosetta Stone of Nuclear Physics & Chemistry
Nuclear Geometry
   Of Aluminum
Tin Nucleus
Lithium 7 Nucleus
Rhodium               Nucleus
Tin 116
Silicon 28
Neutron Decacores
                            Revolutionary Atomic Model
                Based In Ultra Close Range Casimir Effects
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From the Preface

While leafing through some back issues of TIME magazine a few years ago, I came across a curious cover story suggesting that the "golden age" of science was over.  The author was in fact declaring “Science is dead” - just a few minor details to iron out and essentially everything will be known.  In a more recent offering, Steven Hawking has even been declared “The last of the red hot Nerds” in resignation to the presumed twilight years of science. 

While some academics would lead us to believe that they have solved all the mysteries, nothing could be further from the truth.   It is however, a lamentable fact, that modern science now steeped in the pride of its lofty accomplishments over the last few centuries, has succumbed to a form of self-assured arrogance, a kind of know-it-all attitude, that is pretty much devoid of any authentic objectivity or humble inquiring innocence.   Science, confined as it is to the physical realm, certainly has its limits, but they are not to be seen on the horizon any time soon.....

In whimsical contrast to this know-it-all mindset, it is routinely claimed that knowledge now doubles at break neck speed every few years.  Granted, the shear volume of our information increases exponentially, but the portion that is of practical use and significance to real understanding is diminishingly small.  I would in fact suggest that the mass of incomprehensible, scientific gobbledygook gathering dust in the halls of academia does little to advance the cause of real understanding.  As knowledge increases, fundamental understanding seems in fact to be waning as science becomes more and more esoteric and divorced from solid logic and realistic modeling.    We have hardly a first clue about a lot of things when it comes to the deeper how and why questions of what makes the Universe tick..... 

Oh sure, we have our descriptive equations, and we can engineer things that behave predictably, more or less, but we certainly don’t understand them from a fundamental standpoint.  And on top of that, there is a long and growing list of other stuff that doesn’t fit into any part of Standard theory; those numerous pesky anomalies that we too often conveniently ignore.  Modern science has in many ways become hopelessly fragmented, specialized and complex making it less and less consequential; even sterile, seriously deterring any real fundamental progress.  Nobody seems to even bother with the big picture anymore where the integration of diverse concepts can lead to surprising new discoveries and applications. And virtually no one dares question the existing, well-entrenched dogmas of science without risking a major set back in their career expedited by the high priests of modern science.....

As it turns out, there are in fact lots of alternatives that have never been given serious consideration, that could rapidly solve our present energy and environmental crises by applying simple concepts that are fundamentally no more mysterious than the “free” energy provided by solar panels or windmills.  Fortunately, due in large part to the free exchange of ideas over the Internet, the near future is beginning to look a lot brighter with the emergence of what Nobel Laureate, T.D. Lee, first referred to as Quantum Vacuum (QVac) Engineering.  Based in little known and largely ignored aspects of advanced Quantum Field theory and major refinements to Maxwell’s Electromagnetics, this brand new field of engineering is tied to a more fundamental understanding of the atom and its continuous interaction with the energetic vacuum of so called “empty space” - a huge misnomer as it turns out.... 

A growing number of radical innovators of both the scientific and technical variety are seriously challenging the natural and frustrating limitations of the existing closed system paradigm, to entertain revolutionary ideas that are blowing the lid off the boxes of convention.  These self styled pioneers, working in the bold spirit and likeness of such icons as Einstein and the Wright brothers, are making revolutionary advances that
will soon reach the critical mass of public awareness that historically accompanies major breakthroughs, and unleashes rapid technological development. Barring unforeseen events, we are about to ride the crest of a huge wave of breakthroughs that are primarily based in the realization that space is full energy..... 

Everything from cosmology to medicine will be radically transformed in what promises to be a combination of scientific reformation and renaissance.  Like it or not, these monumental changes are coming on many different fronts simultaneously, all based in the emerging realization, that space, far from being the empty void we perceive it to be, is actually full of the extremely high frequency, and largely unobservable Zero-Point energy of the Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations.  It is within this sea of primordial, “Dark Energy" that every aspect of our material Universe appears in fact, to be rooted.....

It was Arthur C. Clarke who rightly observed that any sufficiently advanced technology has the appearance of magic, but most slight-of-hand tricks are actually based in a lack of understanding by the observer.  It is my intention in producing this conceptual treatise, that I will in some measure dispel this vale of mystery and help to usher in the ensuing age of deeper understanding of this incredible Universe in which we find ourselves..... 

Not surprisingly, this whole scientific and technological revolution will naturally gravitate toward the fundamental properties of matter and its continuous interaction with the energetic vacuum of space. That being said, my primary focus for the remainder of this dissertation will be the intricate structure of matter with numerous conceptual side excursions into the wider scope of the physical sciences in a rather brash attempt to make such incredible things understood by the Layman.  This daunting task has not been entered into lightly, culminating from almost ten years of experimentation, theoretical inquiry and extensive musing...

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